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Sentry PC - Monitor. Filter. Control. 

Cloud-based Computer Monitoring Solution. Feature packed with everything you need and more... Stop guessing and start knowing exactly how they use the computer and Internet in full detail. See what applications they use, who they talk to, what websites they visit, and much more. Eliminate questionable activities through extensive content filtering rules and enforce usage limits with SentryPC's time management features for further control over your users. SentryPC has been the leader in user activity monitoring and control for over 10 years!


Cloud-Based (Real-Time)

SentryPC is completely cloud-based. Just login to your secure online account to view logs and change settings. Your account is available to you at all times regardless if the actual computer is 'online' or not. You can access your account from any device with a web-browser — be it another computer or laptop, phone, tablet, or other no matter where in the world you may be!

Activity Monitoring

SentryPC includes extensive activity monitoring and recording of virtually everything users may do on the computer. Every activity recorded includes the exact date and time the event occurred as well as the duration of the activity. This detailed reporting system is necessary for preventing harmful and/or unwanted use of the computer and Internet all while showing you exactly what users were doing while using the computer. All of the monitoring features listed below can be turned on/off for any user of the computer — this allows you to monitor only certain activities, all of them, or none at all.

Filtering / Restrictions

Another important aspect of SentryPC is its extensive content filtering features. Filter applications, games, chats, keywords, and websites on a per user basis. Select on what days, and what specific hours of the day, the filter you define is allowed or blocked. All content filtering features have their own additional options such as enable/disable, alert user, close browser, etc. You can even setup automatic alerts by email to notify you instantly when a user activity has been blocked.


Sentry Pc

Stop worrying and start managing their usage

SentryPC shows you exactly how your employees are using the computer and Internet in full detail allowing you to identify and resolve issues before they become problems. Block access to social media, news, stock, and other websites. Block access to applications, games, and chat messengers. Knowing how your employees use their computers allows you to eliminate inappropriate usage and other time wasting activities.).

For Only $15.95 per Machine Monitor up to 100 license on your network

$1,595.00 (100 LICENSES)