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We can't believe you just found our web site... you have been running around from site to site all these years trying to find your computer and internet security solutions. This stops now. If you need security, anti-virus, monitoring, tracking, filtering, encryption or any other type of security software that is relevant up to date (we only sell latest copies of software); this is your one-stop shop. Stay away from imitators and sites selling non-OEM and fake licensed products. Stick to the spy site that is backed by a corporation in the business (SpyNet Solutions Inc.) and that has been online since last millenium (some of you wannabe spies weren't even born when this site went live). 

The Secret is Out

- Same level of security.
- Less Money.
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You can search by type of software below or you can use the links above to choose by platform.


Counter surveillance, Protection against virus, trojans, hacks, exploits, malware, spam and other potential threats that lurk online web.

Digital Device Monitoring & Tracking

Need to monitor or track activity on your phone, your pc, your iPad or other mobile device? This is where you will find what you need.

Security, Hack Tools & Apps

Awesome security apps, acces control, parental control, encryption tools, etc. All the tools of the trade are at your fingertips with our security apps.

Corporate Security / Surveillance

Here you will find products for enterprises and small busineses are for larger networks and large license purchases.


Popular and/or On-Special Apps for Immediate Download


Windows Based Montioring Admin Software

Monitor. filter. control. You can use SentryPc to monitor one computer or an entire network computers and best of all its all in real-time and cloud based.


$100 off Network Monitoring Software

The most powerful network monitoring, filtering and surveillance software on the web. Monitor your entire network from one location


Computer Monitoring and Surveillance

The most comprehensive "spy" software on the market. To monitor and restric and gain control of your employees and childrens computer usage

Realtime Spy

Remote Realtime Surveillance

Track a computers activites from anywhere in the world. This product is available for macs and pcs and also has a stealth edition for added antonomy.